New workshops offer support for caregivers

Lisa Wurth

May 4, 2011

Elderlink St. Louis is a program being hosted in St. Louis, Missouri, for caregivers who are having a difficult time tending to the needs of older adults. Several workshops will be available during the series, all of which are meant to help families prepare for an older adult. 

"With over 20 million people in the ‘sandwich generation’ who are raising their own children while caring for their aging parents, these programs will offer an important opportunity to service the needs of this growing demographic, as well as the needs of those who are being cared for," Marcia Mermelstein, a senior information specialist, told

The first workshop is entitled "Organizing the Clutter in Your Parent's Life." The second will cover how to have difficult conversations with parents, particularly when it comes to discussing their own needs in the future. The last session will cover how to adjust to any changes in behavior that may be displayed by older parents.

In the latter case, it may also be wise for families to install a personal emergency response system in a senior's home, because this device can be used to instantly send a medical alert if assistance is required.

Experts also recommend that caregivers don't forget to take care of their own needs, whether that means having a friend or family member take over for a few hours or days, or just staying properly rested.