New survey finds 80 percent of caregivers are stressed

Bryan Aldrige

January 25, 2011

Whether one is currently taking care of a spouse, parent or child – or perhaps all three – many baby boomers are facing unprecedented draining schedules. A new survey conducted by health insurance provider Humana has found that 80 percent of boomers report moderate to high amounts of stress, according to

Careers and finances have also taken a toll due to a caregiver's responsibility – 68 percent of respondents said that they had either missed work entirely or had to leave early in order to take care of a loved one.

The burden of caregiving for sandwich generation baby boomers may seem overwhelming, but one way an individual may lessen the load is by installing an elderly alert system. This device allows users to instantly send a personal emergency response message if they are in need of assistance.

Consequently, caregivers may be able to focus on other tasks without worrying about an older adult's safety. This could prove to be a boon to those who need an alternative way to look after parents during the work day, as nearly half (46 percent) of survey participants said that they were worried about how caregiving was affecting their job.