New start-up features services for home healthcare


August 16, 2010

David Bernick has firsthand experience with the complications of caring for aging seniors. He told that his mother was frequently using spreadsheets and Post-It notes to keep track of his grandmother’s visits to doctors, other professionals, and a multitude of other appointments.

“This is a lot of stuff to keep track of,” he informed the news source. “This is a real problem and it’s only going to get worse.”

Inspired by the need for a better way to handle these responsibilities, he has began the company ElderSync with his business partner, Neil Aresty.

The services of ElderSync are purely web-based. They allow caregivers to schedule visits with patients at home and verify a visit through text or phone messages, and can also upload evaluations about the senior’s health.

Later, Bernick hopes to allow the system to access a patient’s medical devices, so, with given consent, caregivers can view blood sugar levels or heart rate from a remote location.

Experts claim that the demand for home healthcare is growing, due to the number of older adults who wish to age in their own home. While taking care of an older family member or patient can be full of complicated details, having a medical alert system in place can guarantee a senior’s safety when they are alone in their home.

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