New report finds that there are 2 million caregivers in New York state

Bryan Aldrige

December 2, 2010

While there are millions of caregivers across the country, one recent report conducted by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield has highlighted the state of New York, where there are almost 2 million adults attending to family members or neighbors.

These caregivers attend to loved ones about 13 hours a week and provide an estimated economic value of $20 billion in care each year.

"The approximate statewide value of informal caregiving is on par with the total amount that New York state paid for Medicaid long-term care services in 2008," said Dr. Pat Bomba.

While some caregivers help older adults with day-to-day errands, others provide more intensive treatments, assisting with medication and recovery from injuries.

Employed women make up the majority of caregivers (59.9 percent). A total of 62 percent of caregivers have been attending a patient for less than four years, while one-third have been responsible for another adult for longer.

Caregiving can cause stress and financial difficulties, which is why it can be important to install a senior alert system in an older adult's residence. This can allow patients to immediately send a medical alert if they need assistance and may allow caregivers some peace of mind while at work or away from home.