New program makes medical information accessible and organized

Lisa Wurth

September 14, 2010

The Idaho Statesman reports that a new program, called Caregiver’s Touch, has been created by four people who wanted to design a platform for caregivers to keep track of all the complicated financial, insurance, medical and emergency information necessary for older parents.

The application can be run on the internet or on iPhones. Currently, users can create up to six different profiles for people in their care, which can greatly reduce the amount of bulky legal pads and notebooks that can often come with caregiving duties.

“We figure there’s millions of caregivers out there, and if even a fraction of them find it, we’ll be a success,” co-designer Dean Hastriter told the news provider.

To make Caregiver’s Touch more easy to find, the designers have offered it to local home healthcare providers, as well as other organizations, so they can provide the service to thousands of caregivers who otherwise wouldn’t have time to find the program.

Those who are taking care of an older adult can also invest in a senior alert system, which will allow your patient to contact you if there is an emergency and you aren’t in the residence. The device also enables seniors to request assistance from medical professionals or neighbors.