New Mexico leads way in support of Alzheimer’s care

Bryan Aldrige

November 5, 2010

Before the Alzheimer's Association became a national organization, New Mexico's chapter of the Alzheimer's Association had already been formed. To this day, the state leads the rest of the country in supporting those affected by the disease, The Las Cruces Sun-News reports.

Much of the chapter's work has to do with supporting those who are caring for a patient with Alzheimer's. There is a hotline for family members to call, as well as support groups.

Employees also conduct care consultations for a family that is coping with someone affected by the illness, which can help create a network of support for the primary caregiver. Some may even qualify for a caregiver respite program, which will give some financial aid to the family.

"Many people just don't realize how stressful caregiving is," regional manager Nicky Phillips told the news provider. "In a short amount of time, your world gets so small. People stop coming by."

One way to alleviate some of the burden of caregiving is to install a medical alarm system in a residence. This device can be used by a senior to send a personal emergency response message to doctors or caregivers.

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