New Jersey clinic offers tips for seniors to avoid falls

Bryan Aldrige

September 14, 2010

The SAGE Eldercare senior center in New Jersey is honoring National Fall Prevention Awareness Day, which occurs on September 23rd, by hosting a clinic for senior citizens that will show participants the proper methods to avoid dangerous accidents in the home, according to

The Center for Disease Control Prevention states that falls are the leading cause of death in older adults and can lead to hip fractures, hip traumas or a phobia of falling.

SAGE Eldercare is running an exercise program that will help seniors strengthen core muscles, which will in turn increase balance. The news source states that exercise is one of the best ways to avoid a fall.

Seniors should also be fully aware of which medications they are taking and the side effects that they may experience as a result. Consulting with a physician about these hazards can shed some light on this issue.

Lighting is another important aspect for older adults who are living at home, as dim areas can be unsafe and hide obstacles.

Another way to avoid a serious injury from a fall is to install a medical alert system in one’s home. This allows seniors to notify family, caretakers or doctors of any emergency that may arise while they age independently.