New innovative devices help seniors age at home longer

Kevin Magna

February 11, 2011

There are a number of new products being developed that are meant to keep older adults safe and independent during their golden years. Some devices have recently appeared on the market, according to The Edmonton Journal.

One of these products, a stove guard, has sensors equipped to it to monitor a person's activity in the kitchen. If an individual falls asleep or suffers from a health condition while cooking, the device will immediately shut off the stove.

A bed mat with sensors can also notify caregivers whether a loved one has woken up during the night. This may be especially important for those who are caring for Alzheimer's patients who are prone to wandering in the night.

Home medical alert systems are another innovative, new device. These technologies allow users to immediately contact caregivers or doctors with a personal emergency response message so they can receive assistance.

Another home renovation recommended for patients with dementia is the installation of doors with magnetic sensors that can send an email or text to caregivers if a loved one has stepped out of the residence.

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