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New Ford cars will offer diabetes screening, heart rate monitors

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If one suffers from diabetes, it can be an unwise idea to get in the car and go for a drive that will last for hours. Likewise, if an individual has a high risk for heart disease, it's never a good idea to be without a way to contact help.

At home, it's easy – installing a medical alarm system enables users to instantly send a medical alert to a call center. The center will immediately contact emergency services to come to the house.

But on the road, this seems like it would be trickier. However, Ford found a solution. The car company is developing a type of auto that offers all the latest in medical alert systems – including diabetes and heart rate monitoring, and even a system to keep track of pollen in the local area.

"The car is more than just a car," Paul Mascarenas, Ford's chief technology officer, told Bloomberg. "People spend almost an entire week a year on the road and that’s expected to increase. The car is a private space for conducting personal business. We see health and wellness as a core area."  

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