New device might help sedentary seniors stay active

Alan Wu

April 20, 2011

Many older Americans may find it difficult to stay motivated enough to exercise, but a new device being developed by a student and a professor team may help seniors who are find that they lack the inspiration to work out, according to The Good 5 Cent Cigar.

Nursing professor Patricia Burbank has helped design the Activity Analyzer, which will help keep seniors motivated to exercise by using the voices of loved ones as encouragement. It can also detect how long a period of inactivity has lasted.

"If a senior is watching TV the device could be programmed to have their recording tell them to get up and walk around or do an exercise every commercial break," Burbank told the news provider.

Older adults who are living alone may also benefit from the installation of a personal emergency alert system. This device can be used to instantly send a medical alert to a call center if one needs assistance due to an unexpected injury.

Burbank and her colleague, Kyle Rafferty, a college senior majoring in biomedical engineering and electrical engineering, hope to have a prototype of the Activity Analyzer by the end of the summer.  

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