New company offers “stylish” assistive living products

Jasmine Phu

February 17, 2011

Susy Korb, Rie Norregaard and Susan Towers are three New York City women who used their experience giving care to friends and relatives in need to start a company, Omhu, to make things a little easier for older adults, according to Business News Daily.

The biggest problem for the trio was that assistive living devices for older adults were often clunky, unattractive products – such as canes and walkers – that many seniors refused to use on principle.

"My father didn't want to use a walker," Towers told the news source. "He said, ‘I look like a nerd.’ But he often ended up sprawled on his back like an overturned turtle."

Falling can be a problem for many seniors, especially those who don't use walking devices. Families may want to consider investing in a senior alert system in this case, because this device can be installed in a home and allows users to instantly send a medical alert to doctors in the case of an emergency.

When outside the home, seniors may be interested in using one of the more stylish products made by the women at Omhu.

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