New campaign helps boomers exercise

Bryan Aldrige

June 6, 2011

Who hasn't woken up in the morning determined to go for a lengthy run, but then decided against it because it was raining outside? Or because there are some aches that just won't go away? 

Well, a new campaign by the American Physical Therapy Association, Move Forward, aims to change all of that by encouraging boomers of every shape and size to start exercising – despite all the aches and pains that might get in the way.

"We get it," said Patrice Winter, a spokeswoman for the American Physical Therapy Association, according to The Wausa Daily Herald. "We understand movement, and we're older, so we also understand the challenges of aging and staying fit."

Winter explained that the key is just adjusting an exercise regimen. If boomers can no longer run, just try walking. That alone can help strengthen muscles which may end up reducing the overall strain on bones and joints.

Additionally, experts suggest that exercise can be a key to fall prevention. Those who are worried about these incidents may also want to invest in a medical alert system, because this device enables users to instantly send a personal emergency alert message if they need help.