New blood test may predict Alzheimer’s

Alan Wu

January 7, 2011

A new study released in Cell magazine has found that a new blood test that identifies certain biomarkers may actually help diagnose Alzheimer's earlier, according to

While this may not help prevent the disease, Thomas Kodadek, of the Scripps Research Institute, suggested that it may help individuals preemptively undergo therapy for Alzheimer's.

One of the primary indicators of the condition is a high number of immunoglobin antibodies. Kodadek and his team discovered that there were nearly three times as many of these molecules in Alzheimer's patients than those with Parkinson's.

Because only a total of 12 participants were used for the study, the researchers stressed that there a larger evaluation must be conducted. However, they were hopeful that the test could also be used to screen for other diseases as well, the news source reports.

Memory loss is one main sign of Alzheimer's disease, making it difficult for older adults to remember to take medications on time. One effective way to manage different doses is to install a medical alert system in a home.

This automatic pill dispenser can be programmed to release prescriptions at different times of the day. It will also send a medical alert to caregivers if the pills aren't taken on time.

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