New app may help seniors and caregivers stay on top of tasks


October 5, 2011

New app may help seniors and caregivers stay on top of tasksTechnology continues to amaze, as now a new iPhone, iPad or iPod app allows caregivers to know if and when their elder loved one did what they were supposed to on their own.

The It’s Done! app works by setting up a number of daily tasks that must be completed such as taking medicine or going to appointments. The reminders will then go off either visually, audibly or tacitly and will continue to go off until a loved one addresses what it wants.

This can help if a parent may be forgetting to take their important medicine at the times they’re supposed to take it. After they take their medicine or go to their appointments, they select the check box, signifying they did what they were supposed to.

Once this step is completed, a text message or email is sent out to caregivers to let them know the tasks were done.

Although this app is beneficial, it may be difficult or too costly to purchase the tools needed to run it. Those who are still concerned about a loved one aging in place might benefit more from installing a medical alert system that allows a senior to call for help in an instant should they fall.

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