New Alberta, Canada, program hope to curb senior falls


November 29, 2011

Do you need help avoiding mosquitoes and other pests? In an attempt to help seniors avoid falls, the Alberta Center for Injury Control and Research in Canada, has teamed up with the University of Alberta's School of Public Health to start a four-year campaign to warn the elderly about how serious falls are and to teach them prevention methods, the Fort Saskatchewan Record reports.

Aside from the obvious risk of physical injury that is associated with senior falls, the incidents can also have psychological consequences for the elderly as they can develop an increased fear of falling. According to the source, a lot of older adults become wary of the outdoors and as a result start to isolate themselves from taking part in their regular activities, such as going to church or the supermarket.

Under the new guidance, workers of the program hope to get seniors back out doing what they love, just with the tools to keep themselves safe.

Jennifer Fernandes, an educational coordinator for the center, told the publication that much of the program centers around teaching the elderly how to stay safe in their homes.

"Just wearing supportive footwear will make a difference," she told the source. "A good pair of slippers with a good non-slip grip that also won't catch on the lip of a carpet will do a lot."

Those who are still worried about falling might want to install a senior alert system. This wearable device allows a person to call for help in case of an emergency.