New AARP research reveals that older adults want to age at home

Bryan Aldrige

December 20, 2010

New November data from AARP has shown that, as in years past, the majority of older adults (45 and over) have expressed a desire to age at home, with 88 percent of seniors saying that they want to stay in their current residence as long as possible.

A total of 90 percent of adults over 50 responded that they want to age independently. The participants in the survey also ranked being close to friends and family as being the most important, as well as proximity to social organizations and other recreational activities.

However, many baby boomers and seniors hadn't planned ahead for living at home, either. More than half (60 percent) said that their homes still had entrance steps and narrow doorways, which can prove difficult to older residents.

This indicates that those who are planning to age independently in their golden years may have to make efforts to modify their homes. Experts suggest that grab rails are important additions to bathrooms and stairs to help prevent falls.

Installing a medical alert system in a residence is another effective way to plan for the future. This device can be used to instantly send a medical alert to neighbors or doctors in the case of an emergency.

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