Do You Need A Mobile GPS System?

Bay Alarm Medical

December 14, 2017

Are you worried about your loved one’s safety while they are away from home? Keep them protected 24/7 in and away from the home with our Mobile GPS Device. Watch til the end for FAQs answered by Kayla.

Video Transcript:

Kayla Q: The Bay Alarm Medical Mobile GPS system is designed to send help to your location anywhere in the United States. This is what it looks like when you receive your order. Let’s see what’s inside.

When you open it up, you’ll see your GPS device on top. Under that, you’ll find the GPS user manual, the lanyard to wear it around your neck, a belt pouch to clip it onto your belt, and a charging station with its cords attached.

The mobile GPS system is small and lightweight. It runs off of AT&T cell towers, and holds up to 72 hours on a single charge. It has a push button for 24/7 use, which will connect you to our UL certified dispatch center any time you push it.

David: This is David from Bay Alarm Medical, do you need help?

Kayla: No. I’m okay. I’m just testing. Thank you.

David: Just to confirm, you’re at 2600 Stanwell Drive.

Kayla: Yes, that’s correct.

David: All right. Great. If you do need help, just go ahead and push the button. Have a great day.

Kayla: The built-in two-way speaker allows our dispatchers to speak directly to you and confirm your location and provide the help you need. If you are worried that your loved one will be unable to push the button, ask about our Fall Detection option for the mobile GPS device. The fall detection feature is designed to automatically send an alarm when you can’t press the button yourself.

If you’re a caregiver looking into GPS system for your loved one, be sure to ask about our caregiver tracking, which allows you to log in and check the location of your loved one. So if you can’t get hold of mum, the caregiver tracking option will help ease your mind. Bundle your mobile GPS with an in-home system for the best protection for your loved, in and away from the home.

You may still have some questions about the GPS. Some common questions that we get are, “Why is this better than a cell-phone?” It’s a great question. Your cell-phone can definitely be used to call for help in an emergency. However, you may be disoriented and not be able to tell paramedics where you’re at, or what kind of help is needed.

Another common question is, “Why can’t I just use this at home?” Well, you totally can. We always recommend bundling with our in-home system if you are at risk of falling at home and not being able to get help for yourself. The main reason for that is, the GPS system is not waterproof. Meaning, you can’t take this into the shower, which leaves you vulnerable in a really high risk area. Not only that, the GPS system will need to be charged about every 72 hours, and while that’s being charged you’re not wearing it, so that also leaves you vulnerable to not be able to call for help when you need it.

My final frequently asked question is, “What happens if the dispatcher can’t hear me?” Well, that’s a great question, but don’t worry, we’re always going to send help as long as your button is pressed. You can actually specify how you want that handled. We can dispatch automatically if the button is pressed and we can get a hold of you over your speaker, or, we can follow a list of contacts that you’ve provided us and maybe call some loved ones before dispatching, completely up to you.

If you have any other questions about how our GPS device works, or maybe you’d need some help determining if an in-home system is needed as well, give us a call and one of our care consultants will gladly walk you through the process. You can reach us at 877-522-9633. Thank you so much.