Most Americans 50 and over say they don’t have what they need for family, safety and health

Lisa Wurth

March 14, 2011

A new survey conducted by AARP has found that many Americans 50 and over don't have what they need in a number of key categories.

1. Health. Almost every participant said that health was important, but only 33 percent said that they had what they needed to live a healthy lifestyle. This means older adults may want to look into smart and cost-effective ways to have a better diet and exercise regularly.

2. Safety. Fraud was on many minds – 81 percent of older adults said that they wanted to stay protected from it, but less than a quarter knew how. Other safety concerns may need to be addressed as well. One may want to consider installing a medical alarm in order to help ensure that it is possible to contact doctors or neighbors if assistance is required.

3. Family. Eighty-eight percent of older adults said that they believed keeping in touch with family and friends was important, but 64 percent said that they didn't have the right ways to stay connected. Baby boomers and seniors may opt to use Facebook or other social media to chat with distant loved ones or try to find travel deals through the internet.