More boomers hitting the gym to stay in shape during the golden years

Kevin Magna

January 10, 2011

Many older adults have begun exercising as they grow older, because they want to stay healthy and independent during their golden years.

"I don't like aging. I don't like it. But you know what? It's going to happen," Auby Barge, 60, told The Wausau Daily Herald. "And when I'm 70, I still want to feel good."

Laura Carstensen, the director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, agrees. She suggests that genetics play a big role in health up until 65 but after that, lifestyle becomes a much bigger factor.

Experts also state that strengthening muscles can improve balance,and one study has found that staying physically active can reduce the risk of falls, according to MedPage Today.

These incidents affect one in three seniors every year, which means that older adults living at home may also want to outfit their home with a medical alert system, a device that can send a personal emergency response message to doctors if they require assistance.

One activity that Nancy Garvey, 63, has discovered is Zumba, which is a Latin-style fitness dance set to fast and uplifting music. Not only is this an effective cardio workout, it is also a fun and social routine conducted in classes.