More adult children and parents living together

Kevin Magna

August 5, 2010

The Houma Today reports that the number of baby boomers caring for their aging parents is increasing as once-independent seniors require more assistance. In many cases, boomers are moving in with their parents to dedicate themselves to daily caregiving duties.

This has left adult children little time to do much else. Seniors with chronic conditions who aren’t living in an assisted care facility are either moving in with their sons or daughters, or the kids are moving in with them.

This may leave the primary caregiver stressed and sometimes divided. “Children are spread out, everyone works, it’s a major emotional passage for the whole family,” Francine Russo, author of the book, They’re Your Parents Too!, told the news source.

Some resources have emerged to help boomers who are caring for parents. In New York, experts at Fordham University have helped Westchester County develop a training program that provides caregivers with resources concerning aging, diseases and other services.

If adult children feel overwhelmed by these new responsibilities, they may want to consider adding an elderly alert system to their homes. These devices can help reduce the strain of these duties by allowing caretakers to leave parents unattended,because their mothers or fathers will be able to contact the appropriate authorities in case of an emergency.

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