A popular alternative to assisted living facilities

Alan Wu

April 15, 2011

It’s no secret that most Americans want to age in their own homes as they grow older – AARP research has revealed that 88 percent of seniors would prefer to stay in place as they enjoy their golden years.

However, some older adults are trying to balance their desire to live independently with living socially. This has prompted a new concept called cohousing and many of these residences support multiple generations, according to AARP.org.

In the Boston area, one community, Mosaic Commons, offers a peaceful place for all of its residents – age 8 months to 73. Sidewalks have been paved to increase pedestrian interaction and a common house has a kitchen and dining room for communal meals. It also has a few rooms that can serve as guest residences for caretakers.

Seniors who are looking to live independently in a community of their own may also want to consider installing a personal emergency response system in their home. These medical alert systems can be used to immediately send a medical alert if a user needs assistance.

Currently, there are 124 cohousing developments across the country and more than 40 are being planned.

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