Milk benefits more than bones


January 30, 2012

Milk is one good source of calcium that can help your loved ones prevent osteoporosis!Milk certainly does a body good and according to a new study, it may also help the brain. The study, published in the International Dairy Journal, looked to see if nutrients found in the drink would help to keep people's minds sharp as they age.

To test this, researchers from the University of Maine conducted brain tests on 900 men and women between the ages of 23 and 98. Each participant's daily milk intake was also monitored to see if there was any correlation between how much milk a person drank and their test results. People had eight brain tests done including visual-spatial and verbal and working memory tests.

From the results, researchers found that regardless of age, people who drank milk at least once a day did better across the boards on their brain tests over those who consumed little to no milk. After factoring in lifestyle or diets among participants, scientists still found it was the milk that helped keep the brain sharp.

Although more tests need to be conducted to see if these results are true, it's no secret that milk does help with bone health. Drinking more milk may help more seniors avoid serious falls, but accidents still happen. Elders living alone might want to install a senior alert system as this wearable device allows them to call for help in any emergency.