Michigan faces surge in dependent elderly

Bryan Aldrige

June 7, 2011

Around 78 million baby boomers are facing retirement age, and the last thing they thought they would have to plan for is how to best take care of their elderly parents. However, seniors are moving back in with their adult children across the country, putting an unprecedented strain on American households.

Michigan's latest census figures show this dramatically – the state went from being the top 25th with the highest dependency ratio to the 19th in the span of two years, according to The Detroit Free Press. The number of residents age 65 and over went from 20 per 100 working age people to 22 per 100. That may not sound like much, but it adds up and it adds up fast.

One way to help ensure safety when living independently is to install a personal emergency response system in a home, because this device can be used to instantly send a medical alert to a call center if assistance is required.

This may be a serious consideration in the coming years, because the news source reports that many twentysomethings are leaving Michigan for brighter shores. This could leave a huge need for care in the coming years, as boomers require a little extra help.  

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