Medicare can help keep seniors independent

Bryan Aldrige

December 13, 2010

As millions of baby boomers start to enroll in Medicare, it is also time to review the benefits that the plans can provide beneficiaries. Many older adults would prefer to age at home and some aspects of the program can help with this goal.

One of the important services that Medicare can provide independent older adults is in-home physical therapy. If a patient has recently fallen or require additional assistance in improving balance and endurance, they may qualify for coverage.

Additionally, a senior who has just undergone an operation may be provided with a home aide who can help with daily tasks that the patient is unable to perform.

A physician can also prescribe a home safety assessment that is paid for by Medicare.

"They'll check for clear pathways and make suggestions about rearranging furniture to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers," industry expert Nancy Hanley said in a statement. "They'll make recommendations for elevated toilet frames for stability, installing grab bars and even creating a downstairs bedroom in older homes."

Another way that seniors can ensure that they are safe and independent is to install a personal emergency response system in a home. This device allows users to instantly contact families or doctors if they require assistance.

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