Medical alert systems made easy

Lisa Wurth

February 27, 2012

Medical alert systems made easyMany people living alone out there or those worried about their parents aging in place have probably considering installing a medical alert system into their homes. However, with so many options and products out there claiming to be the best, trying to find the one that will work for you can be difficult.

Bay Alarm Medical may be the right system for your loved one as it is both convenient and easy to use – qualities that are perfect for not-so-savvy seniors. Most Bay Alarm Medical Alert Systems are designed to make people’s lives easier, rather than harder. The system is made up of just two main components. First, there is the base station which requires a standard phone jack and a run-of-the-mill electrical outlet. The second part is the actual transmitter itself which is a waterproof button that a loved one can wear as either a wristband or around their neck as a necklace. This means the device can literally go anywhere a parent goes in their home, providing peace of mind in case of an emergency situation.

Another great feature of the Bay Alarm Medical System is that should a senior forget to put on the transmitter, they are still able to call for help by pushing a button on the base station. Pushing either button will result in an immediate call to the company’s 24/7 call center where an operator will speak with the person who pushed the button via the base station. In most instances people are able to respond even if they are not in the same room as the base station. From this conversation, the operator is able to assess the situation and get the right help for the person on the line. If a person is unable to respond to the operator’s questions, help is sent out immediately. Along with getting emergency personnel to a loved one fast, you can also request to be on the contact list if a parent has a situation that requires help. This means as soon as the police are contacted, an operator will also alert you that something has happened to your relative. This feature allows you to stay in the loop whether you’re just a few minutes away or on a business trip, providing you with peace of mind knowing your parent is in good hands.

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