Medical alert systems improve senior safety in inclement weather


June 29, 2011

In Tennessee, recent storms have been causing flash floods and knocking out power for thousands of residents. This is especially a problem for elderly, disabled and sick individuals who rely on electricity to get through their day, WBIR-TV reports.

"The shelter's just fold up chairs and cots, and I cannot get on a cot…because I can't get myself up," one elderly woman told the news source, concerning her ability to evacuate and go to a shelter during bad weather. "I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have to use a lift chair to get up and down."

In the event that an accident occurs during a blackout, personal emergency response systems have batteries that can last for more than a day, so elderly individuals can still send out a medical alert if they are injured or need help during a storm.

More than 127,000 people were stranded without power during one of the storms that hit Tennessee this month, according to Knox News. Some residents have experienced flooding and damages in their homes, which could be especially difficult for seniors who have limited mobility.

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