Medical Alert Systems, Home Invasions, & Other Non-Medical Emergencies

Medical Alert Systems, Home Invasions, & Other Non-Medical Emergencies

December 6, 2016


In-home medical alert systems can be time-savers and lifesavers. With one push of a button, you can call for help in case of a fall, share medical history with first responders, and notify family members when there’s an emergency. You can also get help quickly when deer invade your home. Seriously: that really happened! Many people have used their medical life alert buttons to call for help during deer attacks, home invasions, and other non-medical emergencies.


Not All Emergencies Are Medical

It may be called a “medical alert button,” but your Bay Alarm medical alert device is a valuable method of communication in many situations. Consider these examples.

Three deer crash through window into woman’s home.

Dorothy Pantely of Pennsylvania used her medical alert button to deal with three uninvited visitors: two adult deer and a fawn. The trio crashed through a window into her house. Pantely used her medical alert button to summon police, who helped herd the confused deer back outside.

Woman calls for help during home invasion.

This time, the invaders were human – and probably a lot more dangerous than three deer! When at least one home invader tried to rob a Portsmouth, NH woman, she used her medical alert button to call for help.

Disabled man summons police after robbers enter his home.

Unfortunately, this time the thieves got away with money and medications. They held an Oklahoma City man at gunpoint and smashed his wheelchair. Fortunately, he had a medical alert device and was able to call for help after the robbery.

Woman notifies police during break-in.

A North Carolina woman woke up and heard burglars rummaging through her belongings. She used her medical alert button to call police during the break-in.

All these people were lucky to have a medical alert device that was working and close by.

Press a Button and Let the Call Center Operator Do the Rest

Emergency dispatcher talking to person who pushed medical alert button.

In an emergency, you may not have the time or ability to do a lot of explaining or make multiple phone calls. But no worries: our call centers are staffed 24/7 with trained operators who can dispatch emergency responders, relay information about your medical history, and even notify your family members.

For instance, in the example from North Carolina, a family member was the first to respond:

When she pressed the button on her medical alert necklace, an operator on a speaker in her home answered and called police. The operator also called her daughter, who lives next door. She said her daughter was the first to arrive. She drove up, blowing her horn loudly from the driveway. The family said the thief ran out of the back door.

These examples really underscore the importance of wearing your medical alert bracelet or button at all times. Bay Alarm’s medical alert system self tests each week, and the battery lasts for five years. You never know when deer, delinquents, or disasters will strike.

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