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Medical alert system can help with doctor deficit

Topic(s) : Health and Beauty for seniors

Dr Murray Feingold recently wrote an article in The Metrowest Daily News detailing the coming years as baby boomers begin to age and face disabilities. He claims that the United States is currently unprepared for this massive health demand, and significant steps need to be taken to become ready for it.

The baby boomer population is estimated to have at least one chronic disease, such as arthritis, by the age of 65 and, during their senior years, Feingold suggests that 20 percent of boomers will have five or more health conditions.

This is a problem particularly because there aren't enough physicians who are trained in geriatric care. Feingold writes that one way in which the country could deal with this growing healthcare crisis is to train health professionals who could help in day-to-day medical care.

A medical alert system could be a boon to those who are looking to save money on hospital and healthcare bills, or simply can't find the proper physician or caretaker in their region.

This medical alarm allows older adults to immediately contact family, friends or a hospital in the case of an emergency, so that they can live safely and independently.

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