Medical alert system can help seniors during the winter

Alan Wu

February 4, 2011

Blizzards across the country have left many homes blanketed in snow and ice. These elements can be tripping hazards for everyone, but may present particularly dangerous obstacles to elderly Americans, who are at greater risk of injury after a fall.

Some seniors have taken to staying inside, because going out seems too risky. This is the case with 84-year-old Jay Maharaq of Gladstone, Missouri, according to KCTV5. He has stopped going to the YMCA to exercise and even halted trips to the grocery store.

He explained to the news provider that these activities presented too much of a health risk. Caregiver Kirsten Dougherty agreed.

"If we slip and fall, for us, we just get up. If [seniors] fall, they can break a hip," she said.

Those who are worried about their health during a snowy winter may want to invest in a personal emergency response system. This device can help keep seniors safe by allowing them to instantly send a medical alert if they become injured.

Dougherty also recommends employing a local caregiving service that can send workers who will periodically come by to make sure that seniors are in good health during the colder months.

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