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Medical alert system can help Alzheimer’s patients with medications

Topic(s) : Health and Beauty for seniors

Families will often suspect that a loved one has Alzheimer's disease before the actual diagnosis, due to signs of memory loss or changes in behavior, but the process of obtaining the diagnosis can prove to be difficult.

The Republic reports that one of the most graceful ways that a spouse or family member can try and initiate a proper course of treatment is to first discuss concerns with the patient's doctor before his or her next physical.

It may help that patients are aware of their limitations, but loved ones will sometimes face difficult obstacles. Those with Alzheimer's can demand a certain task to be done, even when it's impossible or has already been finished, and the safest way to deal with this situation is to provide them with a distraction.

Those with Alzheimer's may have a difficult time remembering to take their pills as well, so families should consider installing a medical alert system in their home. This pill dispenser can be programmed with specific times that drugs should be taken.

If the patient doesn't take the medication on time, a medical alert will be sent to caregivers or doctors.

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