Medical alarm system can help create a safe home for older adults

Alan Wu

February 10, 2011

Approximately 10,000 adults are turning 65 every day this year, which means that many are retiring and looking toward new housing options. Many of these retirees are empty-nesters and want to downsize their home or find age-friendly residences and the housing industry is slowly retooling to accommodate these demands, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Industry expert Douglas Van Lerberghe told the news provider that many real estate developers are creating homes that are smaller by around 300 feet and focusing on the features of a senior-friendly community.

This includes creating more sidewalks and trails, which appear to be some of the most important aspects of retirement living for many older adults who enjoy walking. Gated communities are expected to remain popular, because these offer a sense of security.

Individuals interested in creating a safer home may also want to invest in a medical alarm system. This device can be used to send a medical alert if one experiences an unexpected health issue or injury.

Baby boomers will also be that feature multi-functional rooms. These economic homes emphasize a zero-waste policy, and also make a residence feel more cozy.