Medical alarm system can alleviate caregiver worry


October 18, 2010

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive has found that many of those who are caring for a parent or spouse with Alzheimer's are constantly concerned about the disease's progression and its negative effects on a loved one, according to Business Week.

The concern that was most frequently cited pertained to cognitive function, with 67 of caregivers listing at least one noticeable difference in the patient's mental processes. Additionally half of those who were polled said that their caregiving responsibilities had taken a toll on their personal health, and 60 percent said that they felt overwhelmed.

Those who are caring for a patient with severe Alzheimer's were found to be much more likely to be unable to participate in activities they enjoyed (84 percent), compared to caregivers who attended a loved one with only mild symptoms.

Perhaps most striking was the fact that so few families discussed health and living options with medical professionals – only 26 percent of male caregivers and 14 percent of female caregivers had done so.

A medical alarm system can be one way to ensure that a parent is safe while caretakers are elsewhere. This device guarantees that a senior can send out a medical alert if they are in need of assistance.

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