Medical alarm, careful planning can help seniors stay independent


January 27, 2011

Many seniors are looking to stay in their own home as long as possible, but that may mean being a little bit more careful, especially if one is living alone. One Louisiana program, Senior Lifestyles & Injury Prevention (SLIP) reaches out to seniors who are interested in learning about safe ways of living independently, according to The Town Talk.

Each class covers a different aspect of health and wellness, such as the need for safety when taking medication, using the bathroom and preparing food in the kitchen.

Accidentally misusing medication can be a major problem for older adults. Investing in a medical alarm may help alleviate this problem, because the device will sound a medical alert when it's time for each dose to be taken, lowering the risk of improper medication management.

Starks also emphasized that preparing food could present dangers to forgetful seniors.

"If you have to leave out of the kitchen, like to answer a doorbell, take the pot handle with you," Starks said to the class, according to the news source. "That way you remember you are cooking food."

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