Medical alarm can help seniors with Alzheimer’s

Bryan Aldrige

January 17, 2011

Celia Watson Seupel recently wrote an article in The New York Times describing her experiences of having her 92-year-old mother move in with her. She describes her mom as a humorous and well-read senior who "simply can't remember anything."

Even when she's halfway through a book, her mother can no longer recall characters or the plot.

While Seupel originally believed that she would be able to attend to the needs of her elderly parent while at the same time take care of her family, the task has proven to be more overwhelming than she expected.

"I did not understand the profound loss, the way meaning drains out of every familiar thing, the dreadful hunger of someone who can hold nothing but the present moment," she wrote for the news source.

Currently, her mother accompanies her everywhere, from errands to picking up children from school, but caregivers who are in this situation may also want to consider installing a medical alarm. This device can be used to contact a caregiver or doctor if a senior needs assistance, so that older adults can stay at home while an adult child or spouse is out of the house.

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