Medical alarm can help children plan for caregiving responsibilities

Jasmine Phu

October 22, 2010

Most Americans don’t think of the possibility that, in the future, their parents may require extensive care and even move in with them. Several seminars at a senior center in Holliston, Massachusetts, are working to change that, providing the sandwich generation with advice and planning tips for the coming years, The Holliston Tab reports.

On October 27, one seminar will be held by attorney Jay Marsden, who will go over the financial decisions that adult children may face when considering the options for taking care of an elderly parent. Specifically, Marsden will discuss the if, when and how questions that may arise.

The director of the center, Lina Arena-DeRosa, hopes that these sessions will promote awareness of different possibilities and encourage families to plan for them ahead of time.

“If you don’t know what the ground rules are, there are a lot of things you need to know, and you need to know before you go into this rather than afterward,” she told the news provider.

Older adults often want to age in place and, by installing a medical alarm in a residence, families can ensure that seniors can stay independent and safe. Elderly parents can use this device to immediately send a personal emergency response message to loved ones or doctors.

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