Many caregivers may experience stress in marriages

Alan Wu

January 13, 2011

Aside from the normal stress of caregiving responsibilities, some people caring for a loved one may also face difficulty in their marriages. Attending to an older parent's needs can place a significant burden on a household and result in a lack of communication between spouses.

A 2009 study conducted by found that approximately 80 percent of baby boomers taking care of parents also experienced tension or stress in their marriages.

Couples should work together to be aware of this problem and make efforts to relieve one another of caregiving responsibilities for periods of time, according to The Wall Street Journal. They should also make sure that dialog doesn't deteriorate as a result of stress.

If it seems that one never has enough time to enjoy an intimate night out with a spouse, it may be best to consider installing a senior alert system in a home. This device enables older adults to send an instant medical alert in the case of an emergency, so couples can get away for a romantic occasion while knowing that their loved one is safe.