Man runs marathon at age 100

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October 17, 2011

Man runs marathon at age 100Staying healthy and exercising daily has long been key to aging gracefully. However, for one man this notion has been taken to a whole new level. Fauja Singh, who is 100 years old, recently ran the Scotibank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Canada, making him the oldest person alive to perform such a feat, NBC Chicago reports.

Singh started running marathons at the age of 89 when he moved to England after his wife and son passed away. He credits his ability to keep moving at his age to never drinking alcohol or smoking, living a vegetarian lifestyle and running or walking 10 miles ever day.

“He says no one is forcing him to do it. It’s his desire to do it,” coach and translator Harmander Singh told CNN after the race on Sunday. “He wanted to do one when he’s 100 and today’s the day.”

Although most seniors aren’t able to complete such a bold task, many are trying to stay fit through exercise classes or working out in their homes. Those worried that a loved one could fall while exercising may want to install a medical alert system in their house. This will allow them the reap the benefits of a good workout without the fear of falling.

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