Majority of older Americans don’t know limits for wine

Lisa Wurth

April 26, 2011

High Blood Pressure Month is starting on May 1 and, as a precursor, The American Heart Association recently surveyed Americans about their knowledge regarding the condition. Older adults fared well when it came to awareness, but showed some uncertainty when it came to how much wine was good for the heart. 

While seniors were most likely to identify the correct amounts – eight ounces for men and four for women per day – still, only 30 percent were aware of the recommended limits set by the American Heart Association. This may be a problem, as 76 percent said that wine was good for the heart, because this statement is only true if the beverage is taken in moderation.

"This survey shows that we need to do a better job of educating people about the heart-health risks of overconsumption of wine, especially its possible role in increasing blood pressure," said Dr. Gerald Fletcher.

The organization recommends that women only have one drink a day and men have two at most.

Those who are concerned about their health during the golden years may also want to invest in a medical alert system. This device enables users to immediately contact an emergency call center if they require assistance.

Heavier drinking has been linked to cancer, high triglycerides, obesity, suicide and accidents.