Mailman’s instinct saves trapped elderly man’s life


December 23, 2011

Mailman's instinct saves trapped elderly man's lifeAn 82-year-old Fall River man has his postman to thank for saving his life, after he suffered a fall in his home and was unable to call for help, The Herald News reports.

Postal worker Gil Canuel had been making his daily rounds when he approached the home of Edward Hill and noticed that mail and newspapers were piling up. He was worried something was wrong and called the police to check on the elderly man.

When police arrived, the found Hill lying under his kitchen table, he had been trapped there for two and a half days, the news outlet reports.

According to Hill's son, Edward Jr., his father had suffered a fall due to a medical condition. He then broke his hip because of the fall and made his way into the kitchen to retrieve his cellphone, at which time he suffered a minor heart attack. He was able to eventually climb onto a kitchen chair, but ultimately fell before he was able to grab his phone.

"I thank you," Hill Jr. told Canuel during a ceremony held in his honor. "I think we know what the results could have been."

Falls can happen at any time and seniors living alone may not realize how vulnerable they can become after suffering from one. Those aging in place may want to install a senior alert system in their houses to have a means to call for help in any situation.

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