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July 22, 2013

At Bay Alarm Medical, we’ve always designed our medical alert systems for easy self-installation. Simple-to-read instructions and online video tutorials are provided to help our customers quickly get setup and protected.

For the most part, our customers usually have a younger relative, adult child, or caregiver help them set up the system. They want assistance from a more physically-flexible and tech-savvy family member or friend to help them plug in the equipment correctly.

This is always recommended as we don’t want to see a 90-year old senior crawl under tables and behind couches to plug in our system. Sometimes however, the above scenario takes a slight twist.

Elderly vs. Youth

One day, an elderly gentlemen called in who was having some trouble with his medical alert system. The trouble-indicator-lights on his base unit were flashing, and he was not able to successfully test his system.

He explained that his children had set up the system for him. “I wanted to do it myself, but they thought it would be better if they did it to make sure it was done properly.” Clearly, the medical alert system had not been set up properly, despite his children’s help.

Before I could even begin to walk the customer through the troubleshooting process, he told me that he had already attempted to reset the system by turning it off and then back on again. He then suggested that we try switching around the cords in the back of the unit. I agreed and he proceeded.

After that was done, he and I tested the system together over the phone. It successfully connected to the Bay Alarm Medical dispatch center. With his tweaks, zero help from me or from his kids, his medical alert system is now up and running perfectly.

What’s the moral of this story? Don’t ever underestimate the mind of the elderly!

Elderly:1, Youth:0




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