Link found between testosterone levels and muscle mass in men


October 27, 2011

Link found between testosterone levels and muscle mass in menAs one in three seniors are predicted to fall each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more research needs to be done to find ways to help seniors stay strong.

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente North in Portland, Oregon, wanted to find out if there is a link between levels of testosterone in older men and how much muscle mass they have. Muscle mass can predict how strong people are and therefore how much risk they have for becoming frail – leading to falls, mobility limitations and fractures.

To test this researchers looked at 1,183 men 65 and older and took a baseline measurement of their sex steroids. For 4.5 years, the men were given other tests like body scans and x-rays to see how their testosterone levels changed with age. During this time, the men also took physical performance tests through exercises that measured their grip strength, lower extremity power, walking speed and more.

From the data, researchers found that men with higher testosterone levels did in fact have more muscle mass even as they aged.

Finding ways to improve senior safety can be crucial to allowing them to continue living independently. Installing a senior alert system in their homes is one option that can bring both security and piece of mind.