LIFE program helps seniors keep learning


September 24, 2010

Central Florida's Learning Institute for Elders has been offering a program for senior citizens who are looking to keep learning about new subjects in a university setting, according to UCF Today.

For $100 a year, older adults can attend a wide range of classes, work shops and presentations that cover fields such as medical, military, literature and history. While there are other, similar learning programs for seniors, LIFE is the only one that grants seniors many of the same privileges college students enjoy.

In addition to classes, seniors are eligible for a student ID card, so they have full access to the library and can also attend the university's sports games. It seems that the only problem for the program is its enormous popularity, because each year only 50 students are admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

"We're almost too successful," board member Roy Scherer told the news provider. "We have nearly 400 members and a current waiting list of over 100."

Seniors who are looking to stay healthy and independent may also want to invest in a medical alert system for their home. This device can allow older adults to contact loved ones or physicians in case of an unexpected injury or medical condition.

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