Life as a member of the Sandwich Generation


September 23, 2010

The baby boomer population has recently been hailed as the sandwich generation, due to their responsibilities in raising their children and in taking care of older parents. This can be a stressful position in life, but there are some steps one can take in order to find calm in their rush of day-to-day duties, according to

It is important for adult children to plan ahead, if they know that they will be taking on new caretaking responsibilities for parents. By speaking to employers about a possible change in schedule or the living situation, boomers may be able to find a little more career flexibility.

The news source also suggests that having an open and loving support system within the family can help manage stress. Holding family meetings or planning weekly activities can be one way to keep everyone engaged and social.

Approximately 60 percent of baby boomers taking care of older parents also cite prayer as a way to spiritually and mentally renew themselves. Even those who are more secular may benefit from relaxation techniques or meditation.

Another way to reduce stress is to make sure that an unattended parent is still safe. Installing an elderly alert system in a home enables a parent to immediately contact caretakers, whether they are at work, picking kids up from school, or doing errands.