Leeza Gibbons of Dancing With Stars becomes AARP’s ambassador of care

Lisa Wurth

December 10, 2010

Leeza Gibbons may be best known for her popular appearances on Dancing With Stars and Entertainment Tonight, but she has recently become the Ambassador of Care, a role that is much closer to her heart, according to USA Today.

In her new position, she will promote awareness of those who are caring for older parents and help support members of AARP who may feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

"When we look at caring it's our highest use of humanity – the way we care for each other and live together. I think part of what I expect is to have this give and take relationship with the members," she told the news provider.

Gibbons was inspired by her own caregiving experience, as her mother had dementia and slowly slipped away over the span of 10 years. She is intimately aware of the struggles that many go through while in this position.

Those who do find themselves strained by their caregiving duties may want to invest in a medical alarm system, which can help give families some peace of mind. This device allows older adults to immediately contact loved ones in the case of an emergency, allowing caregivers to go to work or run errands.

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