Last week for boomers to enroll in Medicare

Bryan Aldrige

December 23, 2010

December 31 will be the last day for baby boomers who will be turning 65 next year to enroll in Medicare, which is an important step to take on the road to retirement. Many are encouraging older adults to be sure to get their applications in before the deadline, so that their coverage won't be interrupted, according to

"Many people are taking action now with the assistance of our partners across the country, with support from family, friends, caregivers and trusted representatives, using the telephone, face-to-face and web-based resources to make the most of their Medicare in 2011," said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, quoted by the news source.

Boomers who are planning for retirement may also want to sign up for Medicare Plan B as soon as possible, because otherwise they will incur a 10 percent increase in monthly premiums for each year that they went without enrolling.

Older adults who are getting ready to enjoy their golden years should also install a personal emergency response system in a residence. This device can be used to instantly send a medical alert to a doctor in the case of an emergency.

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