Lack of sleep may be factor in colon cancer development

Kevin Magna

February 9, 2011

Not getting enough sleep has long been known to be the cause of many health problems. Recently, researchers found that individuals who get less than six hours of sleep each night may have nearly a 50 percent higher risk of colon cancer.

"To our knowledge, this is the first study to report a significant association of sleep duration and colorectal adenomas," principal investigator Dr. Li Li said in a statement. "A short amount of sleep can now be viewed as a new risk factor for the development of the development of colon cancer."

One of the biggest groups who may suffer from sleep deprivation is caregivers of older adult, because they are likely to experience stress and anxiety concerning a senior's health.

Installing a senior alert system in a residence may ease a caregiver's mind, as this device allows users to instantly send a medical alert to family or doctors in the case of an emergency.

The study included a total of 1,240 patients, 338 of whom were diagnosed with colon cancer. Experts suggest that finding ways to improve sleeping patterns may prove to be an effective way to reduce the risk of developing the condition.

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