Keeping caregiver stress in check with a medical alert system

Jasmine Phu

December 3, 2010

Taking care of an older parent or a spouse can be one of the most stressful challenges that an individual can face. This problem can sometimes be compounded when one has an obligation to other family members as well, such as children or grandchildren. reports that the average caregiver is a female in her mid-forties who is responsible for her mother, as well as the rest of the family.

Caregivers are estimated to make up 80 to 90 percent of total in-home care services, which means that many are on the clock every day, 24 hours a week. Adult children or spouses often provide another adult with financial, legal and emotional assistance, as well as with everyday tasks.

However, important concerns can arise while a caregiver is performing these duties. Issues over caring for children and maintaining a happy marriage often come into play.

One way that a caregiver can find some peace of mind is to install a medical alert system in a residence. This device can help seniors manage their own medication with programmed medical alerts and will also notify a caregiver if medicine isn't taken on time.