6 Reasons to Keep Your Landline

Gjenes Belamide

May 24, 2016


According to a report on cell phone use by the Centers for Disease Control, ten years ago nine out of 10 households in America had a landline telephone. In recent years, however, Americans have been increasingly opting out of keeping their traditional landline phones and trading them in for cell phones instead.

Recent data from Statista shows that, out of 20,000 U.S. households polled in 2015, approximately 50% have a landline. This is compared to the roughly 45% who exclusively use a cell phone for their communications. If the trend continues, cell phones will soon be the main form of telephone communications in U.S. households.

This trend has everyone wondering, “Is a landline phone necessary?”

Having a traditional landline phone can save you during an emergency.

The answer is yes. However, maintaining a landline phone for seniors is especially important. Here are six great reasons to keep a landline phone:


1. Landlines are more reliable.

Do you pace around the house on your phone? Are you often forced to stay in one place to ensure you don’t lose the signal? Landline phones will not drop your calls and you don’t have to worry about dead zones in your house.

Unlike traditional landlines, coverage for mobile phones is dependent on proximity to cell phone towers, which changes based on your location. Signal strength tends to be highest in heavily populated areas, and as you get further outside the area of coverage you are likely to experience spotty cell phone connectivity.

2. Landlines are better in an emergency.

If you’re ever in trouble at home and you call 911 on a cell phone, emergency dispatch is only able to determine a general area where you are located based on the cell towers nearby. More times than not, this information is not specific enough to send help to your location. A landline, however, is tied to your address, allowing emergency dispatch to send help your way ASAP.

3. Landlines still work in a power outage. 

If you have a corded phone that plugs into a wall jack, you will be able to use your landline during a power outage. Landlines make use of copper wiring to function, they’re self-powered and stand a greater chance of working in the event of an emergency. A cell phone will work as long as the battery is charged.  However, if there is a power outage due to a natural disaster, cell lines can be tied up as everyone will be trying to use their cell phones to contact loved ones, making it more difficult for you to get through.


4. The sound on landlines is much clearer. 

When talking about a landline phone vs cell phone in terms of sound quality, it is much easier to communicate over a landline. It doesn’t pick up as much background noise and you can hear more clearly as well as be better heard by the other party. Plus, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America, there are more landline options out there for you if you are hearing impaired.

5. Landlines connect with other important in-home systems.

Most alarm systems whether a home burglar alarm or a medical alert, require a landline. While Bay Alarm Medical does offer a cellular based system, our landline based systemis more dependable as it does not rely on cellular reception. The cellular based alarm systems are also usually more expensive to monitor which can make the savings from getting rid of your landline null.

6. Vintage phones are super cool.

When it comes to making a final decision about whether or not to keep your landline phone, consider how cool your grandchildren will think it is! According to Google Trends, the term “vintage phones” has steadily increased since 2005, so commitment to your landline actually makes you trendy.

Still not convinced about the benefits of a landline phone for the elderly? Watch a helpful video starring Kayla Quinn, our Lead Care Consultant:



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