Keep loved ones fall-free this winter

Kevin Magna

December 7, 2011

Keep loved ones fall-free this winterWith winter almost here, more people across the nation are prepping by purchasing new clothes, firewood and even snow tires. Although these precautions can be helpful, more needs to be done to help seniors avoid dangerous falls.

According to the Farmington Hills, Michigan, Injury Board, caregivers can help their elderly loved ones in a number of ways. Adding lighting to their walkways and driveways can be helpful as it allows seniors to see their surrounding better, so they can avoid icy or snowy patches.

People can also help out by shoveling their walks and driveways and using de-icing products to ensure all of the dangers are taken care of. Telling a loved one to keep their hands free when walking outside and holding on to railing whenever possible is also crucial.

The board also recommends placing floor mats near the doors to help reduce their chances of slipping once inside. However, it's crucial to make sure such mats are securely adhered to the floor because if it moves it could cause a fall.

Winter is the perfect time to consider installing a senior alert system into a loved one's home. This way if they do suffer a fall, they have the ability to call for help in an instant.