Interview with dementia expert Marc Wortmann

Bay Alarm Medical

April 5, 2011

Around 1,500 health professionals from around the world will convene in Toronto, Canada, for the annual conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) this coming weekend. The Globe and Mail was able to speak with Marc Wortmann, the director of ADI, before the big meeting about some of the most pertinent issues of the disease.

Wortmann seemed optimistic about finding adequate caring strategies for patients with dementia. He told the news provider that there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but there is some medication and several countries are adapting to the needs of these individuals.

He also touched on the issue of nursing homes versus home care.

“I think everyone wants to stay at home as long as possible – and that’s probably the best option,” he explained to the publication. He added that the best kind of healthcare would be a comprehensive one – some home care, some at the hospital.

One way families can balance these requirements is by installing a medical alert system in a home, because medical alert systems enable users to immediately send a personal emergency response message to a call center. This can be a boon for caregivers who feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

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